We Have a Place for You!
Peace River Trio
Sunday, 2 December 10:30 am 
A Brand New Trio With a Great Sound

Jim Green, Jadene & Don Boot
of St. Petersburg, Florida 33710

Our Events

Special Music Kelly Looper
Sunday, 23 December 
10:30 am Service

Singer in the Gulf Ridge Quartet
of St. Petersburg, Florida 33710

"May is Revival Time"

With Dr. Dale Ellenburg

Renew Our Joy  -  Refresh Our Perspective  -  Restore Our Heart 

Revive Us Again O’ Lord!

May 1 - 4  Wednesday to Saturday  6:30 pm

May 5-  Sunday 10:30 am / 6:00 pm

Special Music 1st - 3rd May With 

The Gulf Ridge Quartet

Special Music 4th - 5th May With

Aaron Davis Odom